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Quiet Title Actions

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Defects in title can occur with many types of property, although it is most common in cases involving real estate or motor vehicles. If you do not have title to a car, you will be unable to get tags or properly register the vehicle. If you do not have clear title to real estate, you may run into a host of potential problems. At Weber Law Office, P.A., our Wichita quiet title action lawyers can walk you through the process to get your property proper title to give you free and clear ownership.

When you are having problems getting proper title to property that should be yours, it is important to get legal representation from someone who shares your Christian values.
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Quiet Title in Real Estate

At the Weber Law Office, P.A., our lawyers have extensive experience handling quiet title actions in the context of real estate matters. Problems with real estate titles often occur when a person inherits property from a deceased relative, and is unaware there are problems with the title. These types of actions also happen when there are boundary disputes. A quiet title action in effect “quiets” any other claim to the title which clears the way for you to do as you wish with the property.

Title Actions and Motor Vehicles

Another context where title problems occur is in the sale and purchase of motor vehicles. If title is never transferred to the new owner, he or she will be unable to get proper tags to make it legal to drive the vehicle. Our Wichita title lawyer can help you with title actions involving any type of vehicle, including cars, trucks, boats and recreational vehicles.

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We can help you seek clear title to property in a manner that respects and values your beliefs.

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