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Bad Faith Insurance

Wichita Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer

Insurance companies are corporations and like any corporation, are out to make a profit. While there is nothing wrong with this, when it gets to the point where an insurance company is acting in bad faith and unfair dealings, the negatively impacted insured party can make a claim for bad faith insurance. This is because the insured is in a contract with the insurance company, requiring both parties to act in good faith and fair dealings. When this duty has been breached, damages can be sought after.

Finding the Right Solutions for You

If you believe your insurance company is acting in bad faith, whether unreasonably delaying payments or unjustly denying a claim, we can help you seek a bad faith insurance claim. At the Weber Law Office, P.A., our lawyers are able to provide co-counsel and refer your case to the right experts and bad faith insurance attorney.

When you need effective help with bad faith insurance matters that reflect your Christian values, turn to us. Contact us for Wichita insurance bad faith lawyers online or call (316) 265-7802 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your legal needs.

Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Every case is different and may have different examples of bad faith insurance practices. However, here are examples of actions that generally constitute bad faith by insurance companies:

  • Failing to properly investigate a claim
  • Failing to review a claim in a timely manner
  • Unreasonable delay in payments or “stonewalling”
  • Refusal to pay value of claims in full
  • Refusal to settle a claim
  • Denying claims without reasonable or legally justifiable cause
  • Providing unreasonable or vague policy interpretations in order to deny a claim

We can help you seek damages, including punitive damages and attorney’s fees. As bad faith insurance claims are a very complicated area of the law, we are able to provide referrals to the most experienced and knowledgeable firms and attorney within this practice area.

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