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Two More Benefits of Estate Planning

Weber Law Feb. 20, 2019

We have already shared a couple of benefits of estate planning with you, and today we would like to explain a few more ways that you could benefit from making an estate plan. For example, did you know that estate planning is an excellent way to ensure that your own needs will be met as you approach retirement age and beyond? The documents that you create during the estate planning process can serve to protect you from the moment you create them. That means that the sooner you execute key documents like a health care directive and financial power of attorney, the sooner you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with knowing that you have prepared for some of the unexpected things that could happen in your life.

Accidents, illnesses, and other events can physically and mentally incapacitate a person who was fully functional and healthy just moments before. These tragic events can happen to anyone, at any time. Fortunately, there are things that you can do through the estate planning process to ensure that your health and your wealth will be managed according to your plans if tragedy strikes. Health care directives, durable powers of attorney, and living trusts are just some of the tools your estate planning attorney can help you use to secure your present and future interests in your health and your assets.

Another advantage to estate planning is that it can help you educate other members of your family about managing their health and finances. Setting estate planning goals often leads to goal setting in other areas of your life, including goals that are shared with other family members. When you appoint agents for health care directives and powers of attorney, you open the door for conversations with your loved ones about your values and beliefs regarding health care and financial management. You also lead by example. When others in your family learn about what you are doing through estate planning and why you are doing it, they may take action to make estate plans of their own. Estate planning and the conversations that flow from it are opportunities to share your hopes, dreams, and values with your family and for them to share their hopes, ideas, and values with you. These conversations can help you build a more connected family.

Estate planning also helps you increase your financial literacy and share that knowledge with others. Your estate planning attorney can help you learn how to set estate planning goals as well as select the estate planning documents that will accomplish the things you decide are most important to you. When you would like to get started on creating your estate plan, make a no-obligation appointment to consult with Wichita attorney J. Joseph Weber today. We offer two convenient ways to set up your appointment – you may call our office, or you may contact us through our website.