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Kansas Estate Planning Attorney Can Help Clients Work on Estate Plans Remotely

Weber Law June 15, 2020

Estate planning is a hot topic right now, as the widespread concern over the coronavirus has touched the lives of every American and many people across the world. However, even in these challenging times, people must do things properly, including estate planning. This means that although there are a plethora of products available online that promise a complete estate plan at an attractive price, those products are not viable substitutes for an estate plan that is created with the assistance of an estate planning attorney.

Some aspects of estate planning must indeed be done in person, such as signing a will. However, the vast majority of the work of estate planning happens well before any face to face meeting is required. With so many Americans currently without estate plans and many people with at least some extra time on their hands, now is an excellent time to work with an estate planning attorney on your estate plan. Many attorneys have made preparations over the past few weeks to continue serving their clients remotely. Technology like video conferencing, email and even simple telephone calls can keep attorneys and clients connected and continuing to move forward with creating estate plans and the documents that comprise them.

If you already have an estate plan, now is also an excellent time to work remotely with your attorney to ensure that it is accurate, up to date, and aligned with your estate planning goals. If you last created, reviewed, or revised your estate plan more than five years ago, or if you have experienced the birth of a child, the death of a child or a spouse, marriage, divorce, or other substantial life change, it’s time to update your estate plan.

Some people will need to work with financial advisors and tax professionals as they go about making their estate plans. Like attorneys, many of these professionals have made the switch to working from home without missing a beat. Whether you are already connected with an attorney, financial advisor, or tax professional or not, you can explore your options online or over the phone and connect with the people who can help you accomplish your estate planning goals.

Concerns about the coronavirus have increased many people’s awareness of the fragility and uncertainty of life. These uncertain times are not a reason to panic, but they are a reminder to make wise choices about how you use the time and resources that you have. Estate planning is something that you can do now that will benefit you and your family in the future, whatever that future holds.

While you are spending time at home, make time to gather your financial documents and think about what goals you would like to accomplish with your estate plan. It’s time to get started on making your estate plan. Wichita estate planning attorney J. Joseph Weber is here to assist you. Call us to make your appointment today, or contact us online.