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How You Receive What You Pay For With Estate Planning in Kansas

Weber Law Aug. 7, 2018

There’s a YouTube tutorial or Wiki-How article for how to do just about everything you could ever want to do. There are online products and services that people can use to accomplish many different tasks, from managing their family’s schedule to running their business and, yes, even making a will. Unfortunately, despite the ease of access that most of us have to these tutorials, products, and services, and despite their low costs, we do eventually receive what we pay for. Even in a world where ease and convenience abound, there are some things for which the available substitutes do not accomplish the job nearly as well as doing them in what appears to be a more costly and time-consuming way by seeking professional help.

If you can imagine the horrors that could ensue when a person follows an online video tutorial for cutting and styling their hair, you can imagine what could happen when there are even bigger things at stake, things that don’t grow back as hair does, things like the assets that you’ve worked hard to obtain. These are the things that are at stake when you engage in online estate planning, the convenient, inexpensive products advertised in many places which promise complete estate planning solutions for one low price.

Initially, if you compare the cost of using an online estate planning product to the cost of hiring an attorney to do your estate planning, the online product appears to win, hands down. However, there are risks inherent in online estate planning that could lead to unintended consequences that you will not be able to remedy. Because estate planning takes place during your lifetime but does not go into action until after your death, mistakes that made during the estate planning process remain unseen until it is too late for you to address them. Estate planning attorneys work hard to help their clients avoid estate planning mishaps. They help their clients select the combination of estate planning tools that will accomplish their estate planning goals, and they do many things throughout the estate planning process to aid their clients in clarifying what they want to achieve through estate planning and then accomplishing it.

Whether you believe that you have a simple estate or you are aware that your small business or other assets require more extensive planning, handling estate planning with the help of an attorney is the best way to assure that your estate plan accomplishes what you want it to. When you work with an estate planning attorney, what you pay will be reflective of the complexity of your estate, the geographic market that you live in, and the experience that your attorney brings to the table. This total is sure to be more than you would pay to make an estate plan online, but the peace of mind and confidence that you can have in the validity and effectiveness of your estate plan are hard to quantify in dollars and cents.

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