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Archive for October, 2015

  • Wichita Family Law Attorney Discusses Grandparent Visitation with Grandkids Following a Divorce

    Grandchildren are often a blessing to grandparents who often love doting on them and “spoiling” them. Parents often appreciate the…

    by weberlaw
  • Wichita Estate-Planning Attorney Offers Options for Caring for Pets in Your Estate Plan

    An essential task of anyone looking to create an effective estate plan is to carefully consider how the person wishes…

    by weberlaw
  • Wichita Family Law Attorney Describes the Differences in Kansas Protective Orders

    Domestic violence is an unfortunate and terrible part of a surprising number of relationships. In fact, some nationwide estimates claim…

    by weberlaw
  • Kansas Estate Planning Attorney on Legal Fights Over Codicils

    It has been said that “he only constant in life is change.” Even when we enter the “golden years” of…

    by weberlaw