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Archive for September, 2015

  • The Implications of Medical Marijuana in Kansas Family Matters

    Parents should be advised of the risks of taking drugs, especially medical marijuana if they have minor children living with…

    by weberlaw
  • Preparing for Depositions During your Kansas Divorce Case

    Oftentimes, divorce cases settle out of court through mediation or before the start of a trial through negotiations of the…

    by weberlaw
  • The Importance of Estate Planning in the Aftermath of The Supreme Court Decision On Same-Sex Marriage

    In keeping with the religious values of our clients, please note that this blog contains information that may be useful…

    by weberlaw
  • Frequently Asked Questions About The Importance of Post-Divorce Estate Planning

    Divorce can often be very emotional and place a divorced party in financial ruin.  The last thing anybody who has…

    by weberlaw