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Archive for August, 2015

  • The Headaches Caused by Failing to Prepare a Will

    While many people transfer the bulk of their estate through a living trust, individuals who fail to set up or…

    by weberlaw
  • Why “I Will Quit My Job” Is an Empty Threat When Used to Avoid Child Support in Kansas

    Our Wichita Family Law Firm often hears from parties contemplating a divorce involving children or a paternity action where the…

    by weberlaw
  • Communication to Loved Ones Can Prevent Challenges to an Estate Plan

    When people construct an estate plan that addresses their intentions regarding the distribution of their legacy, the hope is that…

    by weberlaw
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Bankruptcy in the Context of a Kansas Divorce

    Despite the prevalence of adultery issues featured on reality television shows or even the national hacking scandal involving the “Ashley…

    by weberlaw