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Family Law

  • Kansas Estate Planning for Art Collectors in Kansas

    Estate Planning Attorney Discusses the Issue of Guardianship Abuse in Kansas

    When a court appoints a guardian to look after the affairs of a ward, the guardian is charged with safeguarding…

  • Will Contest Laws in Kansas

    Estate Planning Attorney in Wichita Talks About Guardianship Abuse

    When a guardian is appointed by a court to look after the affairs of a ward, they must look out…

  • Division of the Family Business in a Kansas Divorce

    There are many complex property division issues that can complicate a marital dissolution in Kansas.  Property division issues that pose…

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  • Wichita Family Law Attorney Identifies Things to Review Before Making a Move

    A new job, going back to school, or a promising new relationship are all valid and compelling reasons that drive…

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  • Wichita Family Law Attorney Discusses Grandparent Visitation with Grandkids Following a Divorce

    Grandchildren are often a blessing to grandparents who often love doting on them and “spoiling” them. Parents often appreciate the…

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  • Wichita Family Law Attorney Describes the Differences in Kansas Protective Orders

    Domestic violence is an unfortunate and terrible part of a surprising number of relationships. In fact, some nationwide estimates claim…

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  • The Implications of Medical Marijuana in Kansas Family Matters

    Parents should be advised of the risks of taking drugs, especially medical marijuana if they have minor children living with…

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  • Preparing for Depositions During your Kansas Divorce Case

    Oftentimes, divorce cases settle out of court through mediation or before the start of a trial through negotiations of the…

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  • The Importance of Estate Planning in the Aftermath of The Supreme Court Decision On Same-Sex Marriage

    In keeping with the religious values of our clients, please note that this blog contains information that may be useful…

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  • Frequently Asked Questions about Bankruptcy in the Context of a Kansas Divorce

    Despite the prevalence of adultery issues featured on reality television shows or even the national hacking scandal involving the “Ashley…

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