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Archive for December, 2015

  • Why Joint Tenancy Might Not Be the Most Effective Probate Avoidance Strategy

    One of the most popular and widely discussed approaches to averting the probate process involves taking title to assets in…

    by weberlaw
  • Division of the Family Business in a Kansas Divorce

    There are many complex property division issues that can complicate a marital dissolution in Kansas.  Property division issues that pose…

    by weberlaw
  • Wichita Estate Planning Lawyer Answers the Question: “Do I Need a Professional Administrator?”

    An important part of any will, trust, or other estate planning document in which the disposition of assets is discussed…

    by weberlaw
  • Should an Adult Child Caregiver Be Made a Joint Account Signer on a Bank Account?

    Many estate planning strategies require sophisticated planning and skilled drafting of relevant documents.  However, there are some estate planning tools…

    by weberlaw
  • Answers to 3 Important Questions about Living Trusts in Kansas

    Living trusts function as the cornerstone of many estate plans, but many people are unware of the reasons that this…

    by weberlaw